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Welcome to Hero's Puppy for Life Organization


Thank you for supporting Hero's Puppy for Life Organization
Your Donations are Truly Appreciated and Needed!


For U.S. Armed Forces Veterans and Emergency First Responders struggling with PTSD, a service dog can be a lifeline. However, purchasing a fully trained service dog can cost up to $37,000 per dog.

Hero's Puppy for Life Organization (formerly Veteran's Puppy for Life Organization) was founded by Frank Griggs who created a unique training program that involves training an eight-week-old puppy to become a service dog along with its human recipient.  This training starts with a puppy as early as eight weeks old. The puppy and the recipient train together for nine months with hours of dedicated training and work.


At the end of this period, the puppy graduates as an ADA-compliant service dog. During those nine months, the puppy has already provided its human with unconditional love and trust, and in most cases, has been helping and assisting the person to have a better life even before it's formal graduation.


Your donations are crucial for us to continue this mission.
Without the support of individuals like yourself,
we would not be able to accomplish our mission of
"Helping to Heal Wounded Souls...One Puppy at a Time!"

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