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How to Apply For A
Service Dog

You will need to watch the video on this page.  It will describe what is necessary for you to understand and what you must do to apply.  Please remember we are no longer exclusive to veterans only.  However, there are three things you must do to apply.

1.  Have a desire to get better

As a veteran or an emergency first responder living with PTSD, you have to want to get better. If you are not in treatment for PTSD, you are not eligible for our program. The purpose is to help you get better and that also requires treatment. A service dog is not a substitute for treatment, it’s a supplement.

2.  Letter from your Psychiatrist, Doctor, or Therapist

The letter is to confirm that you are getting treatment for your PTSD and in need of a service dog or animal. The letter should state:

    A.  You are in treatment for PTSD or MST

    B.  You have a need for a “Service Animal” or “Service Dog”, not an “Emotional Support Animal”.


VETERANS NOTE:  If your VA Psychiatrist, Doctor, or Therapist refuses to write the PTSD Service Dog letter (prescription), please contact us

immediately.  We have an alternative available.

3.  Complete Questionnaire & a copy of your DD214

In order to place you with the best service dog for you and your situation, please complete the questionnaire that can be found below.

For U.S. Armed Forces Veterans we must have a copy of your DD214 for our records.


This application is a fillable PDF file.  You can download it and complete it to deliver in person or via email.  
Or, you can open it in Adobe Acrobat and complete it on your computer and electronically sign it.


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