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Hero's Puppy for Life Organization was formerly Veteran's Puppy for Life.  Several years ago we extended our PTSD Service Dogs to Emergency First Responders.  We did not want those heroes to think that we were exclusive to veterans only.  So, welcome to Hero's Puppy for Life. 

Why do both names use the possessive form instead of the plural?  Our name implies the puppy we provide is for a hero.  The puppy is provided to hopefully help him or her come back to the life they lost due to trauma while serving our country and communities.  
Additionally, the puppy we provide is permanent for the life of the puppy or the individual.


Hero's Puppy for Life
Self-Training Your 
Service Dog

Information you need if you are training your service dog on your own.


Why We Matter

Hero's Puppy for Life Organization


U.S. Armed Forces Veterans and Emergency First Responders with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) live in a grey world filled with anxiety, depression, hyper-vigilance, isolation, addictions, or anger; many times, not knowing or realizing why.  The trauma they lived through may be over physically, but not so in their mind.  Even with being in treatment for PTSD, they still deal with it daily.  PTSD truly is an invisible wound for many men and women in all branches of services and those who protect our lives at home.


Hero’s Puppy for Life Organization, a Colorado Charitable and an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit, was founded to provide these men and women with a puppy when it is eight-weeks old. Going through training together the puppy will eventually become his or her service dog.  The goal is to help them focus on their puppy and not on themselves. 


In a word, does it work, “Yes”!  The service dog is not a crutch, as some people might want to believe.  The purpose of a psychiatric service dog is to mitigate, or make better, an impending episode.  When alerting the service dog provides tells the person, “Hey, something is about to or is happening here, and I need to let you know!”  These service dogs perform certain alerting tasks allowing their handler to take necessary steps.


Since inception in 2015, your donations have helped Colorado men and women veterans and emergency first responders living with PTSD graduate their puppy as their service dog.  

Through the unbelievable ability of a puppy empowering the puppy recipient, their life and that of their family are changed forever. 


We hope that you will support us in

“Helping to Heal Wounded Souls…One Puppy at a Time!”



When we started the Veteran's Puppy for Life Program through the Military Order of the Purple Heart, Chapter 1041 in 2015 the goal was to provide one service dog for one United States Veteran living with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

In June of 2016, we became the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Veteran's Puppy for Life Organization.  Since the inception of this mission, we have graduated seventy-seven puppies as PTSD service dogs for both U.S. Armed Forces Veterans and Emergency First Responders living with PTSD.

We could have never imagined years ago starting with a simple goal, that so many lives would be touched by our endeavors.

Your support over the years is necessary for 
"Helping to Heal Wounded Souls...

One Puppy at a Time!"  


P.O. Box 21274, Denver, CO 80221-0274

1195 S. Huron St., Unit B ~ Denver Facility

410 S. 8th St.,  Unit D ~ Colorado Springs Facility

Tel:  303-946-3321


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